Goalkeeping Practices Live

There are only a certain amount of techniques and skills that goalkeepers need to master and Goalkeeping Practices Live puts together 31 essential practices for goalkeepers to learn, maintain and enhance those techniques and skills.

This is a standalone desktop application complete with video clips that can be viewed by launching in your PC browser.

As it utilises new HTML5 video code it is recommended that you use Firefox for the best viewing experience. The coding is also supported by Safari, Opera and IE.

There is also a version of this application that can be enjoyed on the i-phone, i-pad, android tablets and latest android mobiles.

Pricing: Mobiles £2.00 Tablets £4.00


Each practice is laid out like the example below with a diagram, written explanation and video example (mouse over image and click play button on the controller).



Footwork and Handling.

Practice Two

GK starts in front of S1 who serves the ball, GK makes his catch and rolls the ball back to S1 then moves to face S2 who serves his ball, GK makes his save and rolls ball back to S2 before moving back to face S1.

Repetitions x 10.

Service - side foot, volley, head height throw.GK

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